Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ideas to Reduce Piracy in the eBook Marketplace

Piracy is a topic that has been in the news lately. However, it doesn't only affect video files. Here is how online sellers of eBooks can protect themselves.
The ongoing debate about SOPA in the United States, as well as the recent shutdown of the Megaupload file sharing service has been an important news element in the past few days.Many copyright holders are hoping that the government will take actions to reduce piracy in the future in order to prevent losses from unauthorized sharing of their materials.However, according to a recent Market Watch report, businesses who sell content online shouldnt rely on the government to protect their works, but rather should take action themselves to make piracy more difficult.

One of the industries that most affected by online piracy is the adult content industry.But piracy doesnt only affect sites that host picture galleries and videos.Erotic Books, especially those in comic book format, are among the most pirated types of eBooks on the internet.A few ways are available for authors and publishers to reduce the number of their eBooks that are shared online without authorization.Making some free content available is one of the ways.

Offering sample chapters of adult romance books available to the reader, or even an entire book from your collection could encourage readers to buy the eBooks from your site if they find the content to be interesting and to their taste.This is because one of the reasons why people pirate content is the feeling that they dont want to pay for materials that they dont know whether they will like.Having a satisfaction guarantee where buyers can request a refund if they dont like a book that theyve purchased can also work well in that case.

Having low prices and bonus offers can also encourage more legitimate purchases of eBooks.This could come in the form of a rewards program where buyers would get a free eBook after purchasing a certain amount of books.If you operate a membership type website, make sure that it is updated often with new content, that way members would be more likely to retain their membership for a longer time as they expect new and interesting books to be added in the future.

Implementing a digital watermarking solution on eBooks is seen as a great way to reduce the number of eBooks that are uploaded to file sharing sites, torrents or forums.This watermark could contain identifiers, both hidden and overt inside the PDF file of the eBook and is added by the server when a book is purchased and downloaded. While it will not prevent the book from being shared by the user with a few friends, it will dissuade those who upload them to sharing sites, as they can be traced back to the person who initially made the purchase.

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