Friday, August 5, 2016

Does Piracy Exist in The e-Book Industry?

Piracy has long been a problem for anything to do with the internet and digital age. Find out how this has affected the eBook Industry.

Freebie seekers are everywhere and no industry on the internet can avoid it.However can internet piracy be a cause for worry for the eBook Industry? The answer is yes, eBook piracy is as old as any other type of piracy on the internet.But of course it depends on what you define as an eBook in this case.

Throughout the years Internet Marketers have published countless eBooks on various topics, even digital products and home study courses that have been pirated and distributed freely on various underground forums that specialize in distributing pirated material such as software, eBooks and web design templates. After the make money online niche, the second most pirated eBooks are Erotic eBooks, or porn like digital copies of the Playboy magazine, as well as various adults only comics and other publications in this genre.

But there is a huge gap when it comes to piracy of main stream eBooks.If you are a fan of Romance Novels then you already know that the internet is flooded with romance books, many of them are for sale in the public domain while some are pirated.However, most of these pirated books are from the 1990s or the early 2000s and are nothing but scanned copies of the original novels.This was before the coming of the self-published eBook era as we know it today.

Many eBooks are now protected with copyrights and various DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems, yet once in a while a few pirated eBooks can be seen floating around.Nowadays the only legal way to get hold of Romance Books Online is via major retailers as more people have e-readers and digital apps than ever before.Other than informational products, novels and fictional books are not the most highly demanded type of content online.

This is the reason why the eBook novel industry has not seen that much piracy.But this might not be the case in the near future as the demand for eBook novels grows.There are still a few valid reasons why widespread piracy of eBook based novels will most likely never exist.This prediction is based on the low price of novels as low as 99 cents and the fact that many of them are sold through major online retailers which put measures in place to combat piracy.It is basically their low price which serves as a deterrent to piracy.

DRM technologies are not infallible and there are numerous ways to circumvent them.But consider this: which type of eBook is more likely to be cracked and released on an underground forum: a $499.95 online marketing course, or a $2.99 romance novel? As long as prices are kept relatively low, most people will simply see no point in searching for pirated content and will go to the legitimate sites instead. 


Carmella Borcher is the author of this article and is an avid fan of romance novels - particularly erotic books and e-books.

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