Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Should We Protect Our Creative Stuff?

The ... are getting louder and the possible ... many and some ... are filled with ... Question being asked? How do we protect our ... from things such as piracy.

The Questions are getting louder and the possible solutions are many and some solutions are filled with venom.

The Question being asked? How do we protect our creative rights from things such as piracy, and copyright infringements appearing in many creative forms? This question keeps popping up in regard to more simple things as writing books to more technological factors of entertainment and the like.

Consider this:

A. As long as the assumption is made, that we must *protect* ourselves from others, then we will continue to attract situations where we need to protect ourselves from others.

B. Basically, this is about about money and fear in general.

C. Therefore the assumption is then also made, that we can not make money if people steal our stuff. makes it a truth. The *truth* being now, we can not make money & more money, if people steal our stuff.

D. That therefore makes the assumption that the Universe is limited in its delivery of things that makes us happy, and brings us success and wonderful lifestyles and livelihoods, while we are doing/being what we are passionate about and love.

E. The crux appears to be from the creative side, projecting intellectual property vs the technological side and all of its innovations. These technological innovations seem to be where the *bad guys* show up, leaving attorneys to try and figure it out and pass more laws protecting *us* from one

F. As long as we continue with the perspective that we must protect ourselves from one another, then it will remain the circle of protection. We are assuming that the *bad guys* are going to take our money and our ideas, which then equate to money. This therefore stifles our creativity and the line of
limitation becomes a Wall, protecting us from more, creativity.

It's about *fear*. Fear of loss of something; fear of losing money, fear of *not getting proper credit for an idea* (sorry but I'm not running my life based on the so labeled *bad

G. As we as a humanity teach ourselves to honor one another, without judging behaviors....which also constricts the flow of good stuff coming to us........and to...... honor that invisible space in front of our face and how it really works, and how we can mold it to design our lives..... THEN....we won't care
anymore about protecting ourselves. We would have moved our *energy* higher, to where anything that dis-honors another person, won't show up. There will no longer be the dense energy to hold it, it will fall away of its own weight.

H. The folks that feel they need to steal someone's stuff in order to make money, are operating under lack/dense energy and will attract more of the same. (they are thinking they can
not make money unless they steal someone's stuff).

Call it the law of attraction, coincidence, or reciprocation. The point is, is that it works, it works for us on an individual basis as well as business, commerce and international relations.

I. If we want to stop having this protection issue, then we need to stop giving it so much dang attention, and then yes it will just go away. (can you believe I even *said* that?'s the truth, it's the way energy works, we have taught ourselves completely opposite that, and that is why we *think* not *feel*, that we have to protect ourselves; we get
what we focus on.......... plain and simple, no judgement in how it works for us or *against* us, it simply works that way based on how energy/consciousness/spirit/god/universe works.)

J. Everything.....Every about energy under-standing the mechanics of how it works. As long as we operate under the guise of human logic and intellect only, we will always live in fear or lack.

K. It is not the way things really are....but it's the way many have set them up to be, in order to protect us from the other guy, and there is lots of money to be made in the business of protection of others.

L. I know too much about how things really work, that I no longer operate any part of my life that way. I can only do that for myself and am not responsible for the choices that others make. But what I do know, is that it is changing.

M. Pollyanna approach? you betcha......Heaven on Earth approach? You betcha. It's going to snag us by the pants one day, and surprisingly we will still be very happy, and we will still create wonderful sweet money, in huge amounts; but what we will also do is take the love/hate relationship away
form the money arena and it will flow to everything and everyone, in ease. Why? Because that's the way things work.

But there we go, we will grab it, and have to constrict things, by protecting ourselves. (contradicts everything we say we want!).

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